Indie Bling™

Indie Bling began in 2004 as a design business for independent bands. The goal was to create options for select “starving artists” that would help them look as legit as their sound.

Today Indie Bling™ Studio is a family owned and operated photography / design studio located just south of Nashville, TN. Our clientele has expanded to artists, organizations and companies around the country.  We work with many talented artists, web developers, writers, etc. to creatively solve problems, reach goals  and make art. 

We LOVE our clients.

Brandon Wood

Brandon has been designing and photographing professionally for over 15 years. It all started when his girlfriend (now wife), Bonnie heard about a freelance opportunity designing firework packaging in South Carolina. He was paid primarily in fireworks and still maintains it was one of the best gigs he’s had. They currently live near Nashville, TN with their three babies.